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Hello, I'm

Miyoko Conley

Writer, Editor, Scholar.

Miyoko Conley Photo with a tree in the background.

About Miyoko

Miyoko Conley is an Asian American playwright, games writer, and scholar.

Her plays have been presented in the Bay Area and New York City, including at the 2021 Bay Area Playwrights Festival.

As a games writer, she is a current mentee in the Talespinners Mentorship Programme, where she is developing a short, post-apocalyptic game that focuses on empathy and kindness.

Miyoko’s scholarly work focuses on transnational audience engagement with Asian popular culture, particularly in anime and K-pop media.

Recent Updates

March 2023: Miyoko is thrilled to announce that her play HUMAN MUSEUM was chosen for the Magic in Rough Spaces Play Lab with Rorschach Theatre!

October 2022: Miyoko is happy to announce she was one of the editors on two recent games: Paradigm Paradox and Star Ocean: The Divine Force!

June 2022: Miyoko is excited to announce she was one of the editors on Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes!

Theater Seats


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Not-so-random praise

“Miyoko is the best at like, all the things.”

– Stephen, Probably

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