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Hello, I'm

Miyoko Conley

Writer, Editor, Scholar.

Miyoko Conley Photo with a tree in the background.

About Miyoko

Miyoko Conley is an Asian American playwright, games writer, and scholar. She is also part of the team at the Center on Race and Digital Justice, where she works as an administrative and editorial assistant.

Her plays have been presented at various theatres, including at Rorschach Theatre, La Jolla Playhouse, and the 2021 Bay Area Playwrights Festival.

As a games writer, she recently completed the Talespinners Mentorship Programme, where she developed Where We Go From Here, a short, post-apocalyptic game that focuses on empathy and kindness.

Miyoko’s scholarly work focuses on transnational audience engagement with Asian popular culture, particularly in anime and K-pop media.

Recent Updates

April 2024: Miyoko is honored to be a part of the essay collection, Made In Asia/America: Why Video Games Were Never (Really) About Us. The collection and her essay, “Romancing the Night Away: Queering Animate Hierarchies in Hatoful Boyfriend and Tusks,” are available via open access.

April 2024: Miyoko’s play Human Museum is now running at Rorschach Theatre in Washington D.C.! Shows until May 5.

February 2024: Miyoko is thrilled to announce the release of her text game Where We Go From Here, completed for the Talespinners Game Writing Mentorship.

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Not-so-random praise

“Miyoko is the best at like, all the things.”

– Stephen, Probably

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